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Thousands of endemic* species of flowering plants, insects, trees, fishes, butterflies, dragonflies, mollusks (land snails) present. What is Endemic Species? Any species which is exclusively confined to a particular geographical area and it is found nowhere else in the world. Nasikabactrachus sahyadrensis Recently discovered frog species in Western Ghats. It proves that Western Ghat was once part of ancient Gondwana region. Western Ghat: Notable wildlife tiger Elephant The Indian Bison lion-tailed Macaque wynad laughing Thrush (Songbirds) Travancore tortoise Uropeltid Snakes several Species Of Legless Amphibians. In the next article, well see the threats to this rich biodiversity of Western Ghats.

Hence, these coastal rivers are short (compared to east flowing rivers) East Flowing rivers- they drain in bay of Bengal Godavari Krishna kaveri Origin Nasik, mah. Mahabaleshwar Brahmagiri range length (km) Water Basin covers Mah, mp, odi, ap* Mah, karn, ap karn, ker, tn other names dakshin Ganga/Vridha ganga write ganga of south tes sivasamudram water falls. Tributaries Manjra wainganga penganga tungabhadra koyana Ghatprabha musi Bhima Amravati, bhavani, hemavati kabini. Lobate Arcuate quadrilateral *ncert class 9 geography: Chapter 3 page. Every once in a while, upsc has a nasty habit of asking mcq question from delta-type (Lobate, arculate etc.) so do mug it up hahaha. Mahanadi also drains in bay of Bengal but it comes from Chattisgarhnot part of Western Ghats. Western Ghats- Other names Maharashtra sahyadri karnataka nilgiri hills Tamil Nadu same as above kerala Anaimalai cardamom hills. Geologically, the western Ghats is subdivided into three parts Surat to goa goa to nilgiris south of Palghat Gap Agriculture in Western Ghats Region Cultivation of Valleys Paddy hill slops Earlier slash and burn type agriculture. Arecanut coastal areas coconut, mango, resume jackfruit Plantation crops Introduced by europeans in Western Ghats Native to western Ghats tea coffee rubber Tapioca potato pepper Cardamom Forest produce pepper, cardamom,Honey, wax, myrobalan (Small Fruit bamboos reeds for Basket weaving 1980 onwards explosion of forest-based industries such. Western Ghats: biodiversity The western Ghats is one of the biodiversity hotspots of the country. The wild relatives pepper, cardamom, mango, jackfruit and plantainfound here.

essay on mahabaleshwar

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The steep slopes to the western Ghats ideal for constructing dams and hydel power generation. In recent years construction of resorts and hill stations started around lakes and rivers. Rivers flowing from the western Ghats drain almost 40 of land in India. Roughly 250 million people depend on these rivers. From Western Ghats, rivers originate and flow in both aiou directions: West and East. West Flowing rivers Narmada tapi Origin (both MP) Amarkantak hills Satpura ranges. Length Longer Shorter States covered Guj, mp guj, mp, mah. Other names reva handmaid of Narmada. Coastal plains between Western Ghats and the Arabian sea are very narrow.

essay on mahabaleshwar

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Moist Deciduous (also known as Monsoon forest) There is no definite time for trees to shade leaves. Hence the promotion jungle appears green throughout the year. Trees shed leaves during dry season. Rosewood, mahogony Ebony aini cedar Hollywood ock kail teak sal Shisham Mahua sandalwood Mahua western Ghats: rivers Three main rivers of south India krishna, godavari and kaveri. They originate from Western Ghats. Traditionally these water resources were used to irrigate the valleys for paddy and arecanut cultivation. But later, construction of major river valley projects irrigation power generation.

Dakshin Kannad, kollam Kanyakumari pune davanagere kottayam Nilgiris raigarh Hassan kozhikode tirunelveli ratnagiri kodagu malappuram Tiruppur Satara mysore palakkad Theni sindhudurg Shimoga pattanamtitta virudunagar Thane Udupi Thiruvananthapuram Uttar Kannada Thrissur wayanad ut- diu daman (Silvassa region) Western vs Eastern Ghats Western Eastern Almost Continuous hills. Height : 1500 to 2000 m lower: 500-700 m Highest peak: Anai mudi (Kerala) Dewodi munda (Odisha) (as per Majid Hussein). Update: Highest peak in Eastern ghat is Jindhagada peak andhra- it is few meters taller than Dewodi munda. Fast flowing rivers, donot form delta long broad rivers, form delta. Narmada-tapi Krishna, kaveri, godawai (these origin from Western Ghats though) and Mahanadi Flow into Arabian sea. Into bay of Bengal. Land between Western and Eastern GhatsDeccan plateau. Nilgiri hills connect Western and Eastern Ghats. Western Ghat: Forest Western Slope eastern Slope rainfall: 200cm 70-200cm Tropical evergreen Semi evergreen.

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essay on mahabaleshwar

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What riot is Western Ghats? Administrative regions, western vs Eastern Ghats, western Ghat: Forest. Western Ghats: rivers, west Flowing rivers, east Flowing rivers. Western Ghats- Other Names, agriculture, western Ghats: biodiversity, western Ghats has been in news because of Gadgil Committee report controversy. Entire tract of hills from the tapi to kanyakumari is called Western Ghats. 1500km and Area approx. About 30 of the area of the western Ghats Region is under forests.

Six states, three (important) Passes, gujarat (portions of Dang Forests). Goa, kerala, tamilnadu, thalghat, bhorghat, palghat, administrative regions (no need to mugup table, but if youre from any of these districts, be more prepared for profile based interview questions on Western Ghats). Maharashtra, karnataka, kerala, tN, the dangs, ahmednagar. Belgaum, idukki, coimbatore, navsari, kolhapur, chamrajnagar, kannur. Dindugal, valsad, nandurbar, chikmagalur, kasaragod, erode, book nashik.

Kids again went back to the trampoline and bungee jumping. We spent another hour relaxing here, while the kids were busy having fun. Trampoline fun the path back to home. It was time to drive back now. The drive back was more exciting compared to the drive in the morning, because of my being more familiar with the terrain now. I give myself a 4 on 5 for the drive going by my status of being a novice to driving.

But what really matters the most was that it was a great day out for kids. I hope youd agree too. Kids day out to mahabaleshwar was last modified: november 2nd, 2015 by yaminiarora.

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All of us then enjoyed farm fresh bhunna (roast) sweet corn. Riding the road king. The horse is Named King! We then went for boating in the lake. We were famished by write the time we finished the entire boating episode. Hardly in a position to wait for a restaurant to serve us food, we rushed back to our favorite mapro global garden. We had a thin crust wood baked pizza with a strawberry shake sitting by the pond side, and we were fresh as dew, ready to rock n roll again. One last stop at Mapro farms.

essay on mahabaleshwar

Kids didnt want to leave this place, but we had to move nevertheless. Around 2 km further business from here we stopped for go-karting. It was almost noon by then. We drove straight to Mwar now, and went uptill the Arthurs point, from where you get to see panoramic view of the entire landscape. I want to go back to the lake. It was almost lunch time by now. We came back towards to outskirts of the city to arrive at Venna lake, the biggest attraction of the town. Kids enjoyed a few rounds of Horse riding on very interesting sounding horses like king, as in Singh is Kinng, Hritik, shahrukh, baadshah, Shahid, Shehanshah; while we had our most refreshing rounds of fresh vegetables, like red colored radish, and orange colored carrots.

overdue breakfast here. Strange that it may sound, we started our breakfast with a cup of Minestrone soup each, followed it up with a platter of grilled sandwiches and concluded the meal with fresh strawberry with cream.  Strawberry with cream must be the best offering on their menu and was decently priced too. Kids then had their rounds of jumping on the trampoline and had loads of fun with Santa distributing sweets to everyone. There was this beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the centre of the compound too.

Mahabaleshwar is all of 110km from Pune. I am fairly new to car driving so i was at my cautious best all through the drive. It was a smooth ride on the bangalore highway, but the trip from Shirwal, where you take a right turn from beneath the flyover up to Mwas was quite chaotic, since it was a narrow village road. From the moment you take this turn, youll see sign boards advertising Mapro, a local brand that sells various types of fruit crushes. I am particularly fond of their curacaos and strawberry/kiwi crushes. If i ever move out of Pune, these will be the first essay things I shall miss. We crossed Panchgani town, the place made more popular by Ishaan Awasthi in taare zameen Par. I kept teasing my kids that if they continue to distract me while the drive, i shall leave them here at some boarding school like ishaan Awasthis parents did.

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Kids' day out to mahabaleshwar - ghumakkar - inspiring travel experiences. By yaminiarora, first of all let me start with a plot spoiler. If you have been to hill stations in North India, to the mothers likes of Simla and Kullu manali, mahabaleshwar may come as little disappointing. Without spoiling the fun any further, heres what we discovered about Mwar. I live in Pune, and to people around here mahabaleshwar is the Strawberry county. I havent in my whole lifetime seen so much strawberry, as I saw in 2 hours at Mwar. The whole experience was so mouth watering seeing so many ripe and luring strawberries all strewn around you. We started from Pune on Christmas morning at 7am and it took me about an hours time to touch the mumbai bangalore highway.

essay on mahabaleshwar
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Essay on tourism in India complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. Tourism plays a vital role in the economic development of a country. Tourism is the second largest foreign exchange earner in India.

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  1. Essay on my favourite place, mahabaleshwar. The hill station can be located in the beautiful Sahyadri hill range that offers spectacular views of nature and beauty unlimited of the hill area. Mahabaleshwar is one of the renowned hill stations in Maharashtra. Essay on Mahabaleshwar Essay on mahabaleshwar 216th Street, west zip 10034 essay on rose in marathi history of our mother of perpetual help icon how to purchase dissertation conclusion on sport asap.

  2. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Hill Station. Mahabaleshwar ( pronunciation (help info) is a small town and a municipal council in Satara district in the Indian state of is a hill station located in the sahyadri mountain range. Mahabaleshwar ) The highest hill station in the western Ghats of Maharashtra, mahabaleshwar is situated at 1372 meters around lake venna. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Trip to, mahabaleshwar.

  3. Free, essays on my favouraite hill Station, mahabaleshwar. Get help with your writing. So we made a two days trip to mahabaleshwar. Mahabaleshwar is a serene hill station located at an altitude of 1500 Meters (4500.) above the sea level.

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