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On the feature side, the big nominations went to American Sniper, Boyhood, gone girl, The Imitation Game, nightcrawler and Whiplash. Get the full editing awards nominations for 2015 below. Read More » One of the many reasons were thankful for Thanksgiving is that it cuts the work week short, giving us twice as much weekend time to spend at the movies. And theres no shortage of titles right now to spend that time. The only question is where to start. To help you answer that, weve put together a helpful guide that (we hope) covers every base. Hit the jump for our list of 25 movies to watch this Thanksgiving. Read More » Directed by morten Tyldum ( headhunters ) and starring Benedict Cumberbatch as pioneering and unjustly prosecuted computer scientist Alan Turing, The Imitation Game has been squarely established as a key player in this years awards race.

Read More at this point in the awards race each year, support has already crystallized around some of the frontrunners. This year, that group includes. Boyhood, birdman, the Theory of everything, and, the Imitation Game, and key the Producers guild followed the rest of their industry in nominating those titles for this years pga awards. Its more interesting, however, to see which dark horses did and didnt make the cut. American Sniper and Nightcrawler emerged as two of the more surprising inclusions, while Unbroken and Selma got left out in the cold. Meanwhile on the tv side, the pga is all about Fargo, true detective, and Orange Is the new Black, while shows like parks recreation and Homeland went overlooked. Hit the jump for the full list of the 2015 Producers guild nominations. Read More » The Oscar nominations arent out yet, but were essay getting to the point where technical guilds will be announcing their nominations for the best achievements of 2014. The latest set to be released comes from the American Cinema Editors, which this morning revealed nominations for their 65th annual ace Eddie awards. The ace awards recognize achievements in editing in a variety of film (narrative, comedy/musical, and documentary) and tv categories.

the imitation game essay

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Watch the essay trailer or, if you like, the full movie below. Read More were in full awards season swing, as gross as that process can. (Just see the attempts to tear down Selma for a good example of the nasty part of this season.) But the guild nominations and awards are always somewhat interesting, if only because they represent the efforts of a focused group to recognize achievements by their. We saw the writers guild awards this morning, and the American Society of Cinematographers has also chimed in with the 2015 asc award nominations. Even when trying to approach this from a positive position, theres always as much to be said about what got left out as what is nominated. Roger deakins is (of course) nominated for, unbroken, theres nothing for, robert Elswit, who shot. Inherent Vice and, nightcrawler. Check out the full nomination list below.

the imitation game essay

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The full 2015 dga nominations list is below. Read More science was big at the movies late in essay 2014. At one point, Interstellar, The Imitation Game and, the Theory of everything were all playing simultaneously, representing three different eras -well, two eras and one potential in science. Removing the big budget film, youre left with. Benedict Cumberbatch playing the man who invented the computer as a way to break code in World War ii and Eddie redmayne in a biopic of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. With all that in mind, fast forward to this weekend. The Imitation Game and, the Theory of everything, as well as Redmayne and Cumberbatch, will be competing for the same golden Globe awards on nbc. The night before, over on Discovery, a 2004 made for tv movie called Hawking will air. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch.

The Imitation Game, repeated no less than three times by various characters throughout the film. And although it sounds saccharine on paper, it rings true in the context of Turings incredible, awe-inspiring story. Thank god Turing wasnt normal; because without his brilliant mind, it is quite possible that none of us would be alive today. The directors guild of America released its nominations today for awards that will recognize achievement in feature film directing from 2014. The list features two biopics, The Imitation Game and, american Sniper, and one film, boyhood, that was made under circumstances that all but turn it into a biopic of its cast and director, richard Linklater. But the biopic love ends there, and the dga has no nomination to spare for. Ava duvernay and, selma.

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the imitation game essay

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On top of being a misunderstood genius, he is so awkward and fragile; you just want to give him a big hug. The fact that he is a closeted gay man, living in fear of being found out and torn away from his passion, his lifes work, makes that struggle even more poignant. Turings team, which includes the combative, jealous Hugh (Matthew goode affable john (Allen leech soft-spoken Peter (Matthew beard and a woman, joan Clarke (Keira Knightley who secures her unprecedented inclusion into the group by completing a complex crossword puzzle one minute faster than Turing himself, does. Neither does their commander, Alastair Dennison (. Game of Thrones, charles Dance who hires Turing out of necessity but, repelled by his apparent smugness and impudence, is continually looking for a reason to fire him.

The great joy of the film then, alongside the thrill of Turings great technological discovery, is Turing learning how to bond with others, writing particularly with joan, and watching the others learn how to bond with him. Based on the biography, alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges and adapted for the screen by moore, the Imitation Game is by no means a perfect exercise. Minor wobbles, from Tim Burton-grey, obvious cgi in the war-related scenes to a reliance on black-and-white newsreel footage and repetitive time cards to pad the historical milieu, are your distracting and a tad clunky, but not overly. Most of the action is confined to three locations: the forested haven of Bletchley, the all-boys school that Turing attended as a shy, bullied teenager in 1928, and Manchester in 1951, as police are investigating Turing for his crime of homosexual indecency. As the narrative rubber bands, more information is revealed, and the script is largely effective at deciding when and where the various secrets will be unveiled and to what end. Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine. This is the recurring theme.

Cumberbatch plays Alan Turing, the genius British mathematician, cryptologist, and computer scientist who led the Bletchley park team that cracked the german Enigma code, helping the Allies to anticipate enemy attacks and eventually win wwii. It is estimated that breaking Enigma shortened the war by two years and saved approximately 14 million lives. Never heard of Turing? That might be because his work at Bletchley park was kept a government secret for 50 years, and in 1952, he was prosecuted by the uk government for homosexual acts, which at that time the country deemed illegal. As an alternative to imprisonment, turing was fed hormonal drugs as a form of chemical castration for his predilections, causing his body to break down and his exceptional brain to falter. In 1954, turing killed himself by biting into a cyanide apple.

He was not officially pardoned by the queen of England until 2013. Wisely, the film does not dwell on Turings tortured final years. Director Morten Tyldum, a norwegian filmmaker making his English-language debut with. The Imitation Game, devotes the majority of the runtime to turings vital, moving, and controversial tenure at the Bletchley park compound in Buckinghamshire from 1939 to 1945, and the spectacular invention that results. Meanwhile, cumberbatch gives a superbly nuanced performance, imbuing Turing with just the right amount of strangeness to make him endearing but not treacly. Yes, he follows in the Academy-honored tradition of stutter-y, eccentric savants who dont pick up on social cues, but Cumberbatchs odd bird is more likable than most. Although Turing is unattuned to the feelings of others (Knightleys character has to teach him how to be nice) and often comes across as egoistic, there is something about Cumberbatchs natural geekiness and ingenuity that makes every bit of him forgivable. Much like the alien time lord Doctor Who, whose arrogance and condescension towards humans is understandable because, well, his knowledge of the universe is light years ahead of theirs, turings struggle to connect with others is a part of his appeal.

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But one can be forgiven, surely, for wondering, and wanting to see, if it mattered to him). Its official, folks: the awards season has begun. Nominations for the golden Globe Awards and the Screen Actors guild Awards are out, and. The Imitation Game, long buzzed for consideration as a weinstein Brothers vehicle starring Tumblrs most re-blogged actor of the year, benedict Cumberbatch, has racked up several. The golden Globe nods include best Actor for Cumberbatch; Best Supporting Actress for keira Knightley; Best Original Score for composer Alexandre desplat, who also scored. The Grand Budapest Hotel and, unbroken in 2014; and Best Screenplay for writer Graham moore, whose only major credit prior to this film (his first) was the short-lived 10 Things i hate About you television series. Cumberbatch and Knightley also have been tapped by the sag awards for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress, respectively, and the films favourite cast is nominated for Best Ensemble. But now for the big questions most film geeks and award-minded audiences want answered: does, the Imitation Game, yet another weinstein prestige biopic gunning for Oscar gold, live up to the hype? Is it deserving uwb of the accolades, particularly for Cumberbatchs highly touted performance?

the imitation game essay

There's only so much he can learning do with the ghostly contrivance of Turing's are-you-sitting-comfortably voiceover, and the script's habit of repeating themes by repeating exact lines, and Tyldum's insistence that he regularly throw papers in the air to energise another vexing argument about why. Sherlock, the star's natural intelligence is a gift but no longer a surprise, and his work here, entirely committed and clever though it is, feels so customised for awards voters to coo over, it may inspire rebellious thoughts. For my money he gave a more creative and risk-taking performance in a biopic no one saw, last year's otherwise iffy julian Assange portrait. It's the lack of risk here that grates most. Turing was homosexual, got convicted for gross indecency in 1952, and committed suicide because of his persecution and loneliness. Cumberbatch can suggest all this, but only in outline, because the film backs away in embarrassment from showing a single encounter between him and another man. This project inches around the private life of a genius: though he gets to narrate, it adopts an extremely proper attitude towards what should stay private, which might strike some viewers as closer to 1952's prudishness than 2014's relative open-mindedness. It shouldn't matter in the slightest that Turing was gay. It shouldn't have ended his career in disgrace the way it did.

instantly aloof impression on fellow code-crackers, including ladies' man Hugh Alexander (Matthew goode hearty Scot John cairncross (a useful Allen leech) and some other guy (Matthew beard) whose function, with all due respect to the mathematician Peter. "Popular at school, were you?" Hugh asks Alan when he tells them all something flatly rude about their mediocre problem-solving. For Graham moore, who has approached script construction in a yet more dogged spirit, this line is the immediate cue for the first 1928 school scene, where turing is played as an awkward, yearning misfit by the rather excellent Alex Lawther. His early inklings of same-sex desire coincide with great excitement at the possibilities of cryptography, as he passes coded messages (in every sense) back and forth with a dreamboat classmate (Jack bannon). Meanwhile, back at Bletchley, help arrives in the shape of lightning crossword whiz joan Clarke (Knightley who agrees to help the team in their nazi-thwarting enterprise, as long as she can do so within the respectable confines of the ladies' quarters. The whopping machine turing invents to automate this process, joan admits, is "all the girls in Hut Three can talk about". Knightley plays this tairibly posh bluestocking with amusingly clipped vowels and a welcome touch of camp: the film, like turing, grows to need her. Cumberbatch does too - their scenes together are far and away the best here.

Ron Howard's ersatz 2001, oscar -winner, rather than choosing a thousand ways to emulate. As an account of the, enigma -cracking mission at Bletchley park, morten Tyldum's film is going to have a job on its hands not reminding Sunday-matinee fans of Enigma (2001 michael Apted's pleasingly old-fashioned adaptation of the robert Harris bestseller. Tyldum, best known for the gruesome hilarity of the norwegian black comedy. Headhunters, is straitjacketed by the squareness of his assignment here. With keira Knightley on hand in Forties frocks, and Cumberbatch cycling through Blitz rubble to place us in period just so, the film even manages to feel like atonement II: Code warriors. A yet more fitting title, all things considered, is the one it was given. The film starts in 1951 Manchester with a suspicious robbery in Turing's home, and sets about doing a hamfisted job of juggling three main timeframes: the school years, the Bletchley years, and the persecuted aftermath. It's not a great sign that this script cosies up tim to the man so insistently as a lovable recluse, unable to grasp the point of jokes or deliver one if his life depended.

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The Imitation Game is a film about a human calculator which feels. A little too calculated. It's not that Alan Turing's life isn't teeming with interest or cinematic possibilities. And a hard-working, hard-thinking. Benedict Cumberbatch does everything that this role, as scripted, could write possibly demand of him. Somehow, though, this diligent mid-century biopic, with its cookie-cutter screenwriting and lacquered, nominate-me-for-everything sheen, manages to feel like a series of stories we've heard before, following the familiar contours of other films as if with tracing paper. Some of the comparisons being courted here might have been difficult to avoid. We're served a large, reheated hunk of a beautiful Mind, of course, in Cumberbatch's portrait of another withdrawn, irascible maths genius no one understood. Turing and that film's John Forbes Nash might feel like biopic twins, but a braver film would have sought to differentiate itself, perhaps at all costs, from.

the imitation game essay
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  1. The Imitation Game undated, unspecified draft script by Graham moore (based on Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew HOdges) hosted by: The weinstein Company in pdf format.

  2. A little too calculated. It's not that Alan Turing's life isn't teeming with interest or cinematic possibilities. Fandoms: Doctor Strange (2016 Black panther (2018 The hobbit - all Media types, Star Trek: Into darkness - fandom, hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy (2005 Sherlock (tv the Imitation Game (2014 wild Target (2010 tinker tailor Soldier Spy (2011 StartUp (tv patrick melrose (TV).

  3. Benedict Cumberbatch talked to The daily beast about his upcoming role in The Imitation Game as as Alan Turing, the British mathematician who cracked. I was just finishing an essay in the school dining hall at breakfast, and I looked out the window and heard a commotion, a pair of feet scampering. Nomination game: Oscars nod for keira Knightley. The Imitation Game is a film about a human calculator which feels.

  4. Chess champion Hugh Alexander (played by matthew goode) and John cairncross (Allen leach) didnt come to Bletchley park until 1941 and then worked on a different cipher. But The Imitation Game is most on its game when it primarily sticks to being a john le carre-lite espionage version of revenge of the nerds, beginning in 1939 as it introduces a battleground of the mind that relies on superior intellect rather than bombs. Trailer: The Imitation Game (2014). Based on the real life story of legendary cryptanalyst Alan Turing, the film portrays the nail-biting race against time by turing and his brilliant team of code-breakers at Britain's top-secret government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley park.

  5. Both The Imitation Game and The Theory of everything, as well as Redmayne and Cumberbatch, will be competing for the same golden Globe awards on nbc. The night before, over on Discovery, a 2004 made for tv movie called Hawking will air. The other code breakers featured in The Imitation Game came in later.

  6. The Imitation Game (2014) 2014 (tt2084970) Based on the real life story of legendary cryptanalyst Alan Turing, the film portrays the nail-biting race against time by turing and his brilliant team of code-breakers at Britain's top-secret government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley park. Does The Imitation Game, yet another weinstein prestige biopic gunning for Oscar gold, live up to the hype? Is it deserving of the accolades, particularly for Cumberbatchs highly touted performance?

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