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One of my favorite sites. Brain Pickings : diverse variety of subjects - fiction, romance, literature, history, etc).

Knowlla : Animated video summaries for 27/month or 250/year. M : 69 for six months, 99/year,.95 for each individual summary. Database of 2,300 summaries. M : 130 for two summaries per month, including five minute videos. Various other plans up to 695 for immediate access to up to 200 additional summaries. M : several different pricing plans, but it ends up being 2 - 3 per summary. You can see their complete catalog here. M : Also has several different pricing plans; I'm guessing most people go with the 179 for six months option. M : you can search Amazon and buy book summaries individually (usually 1 - 3 or subscribe to kindle Unlimited for.99/month and get some of them without paying any extra. Related (and free farnam Street : Excerpts from related books revolving around similar insights.

who book summary

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Anyone can edit, so quality is a bit variable. Book video club : five-minute videoScribe videos. The compressed inspiration time frame and video format means that you won't get as much detail, but the videos are well-done and will give you the main points. Paid sites: Blinkist: 40/year. You also get two free summaries up front, and it's 1 for the first month. 29.99/month or 299.99/year. Includes written summary, audio, and video. Soundview Executive book summaries : Annual subscriptions run from 99 to 229 for various combinations of features.

who book summary

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Free sites: Deconstructing Excellence : Summaries are 8 - 12 pages long, on average. Each summary is also interspersed with references and links to similar content from other sources about the author's points. Here are a few examples: books derek sivers : Derek sivers posts his notes on each book he reads. They are free form notes, as opposed to a summary format, but there are a large number of books covered. Actionable books : Large selection, well organized, but less detail. Each summary has a few "gems" from the book, but doesn't usually give you the full story. Wikisummaries : Medium selection, variety of genres.

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who book summary

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The full list with details is below, but here is my personal opinion of where you should start:. Deconstructing Excellence: Start here if you don't have a particular solution book in mind. Summaries are free, detailed, and high quality, and they incorporate other books and online resources related to the authors' points. Actionable books derek sivers: Check out these two sites next if you don't have a particular book in mind. Actionable books is user-friendly but not comprehensive; Derek sivers' site is free-form notes rather than a summary, but contains a great deal of detail. Blinkist: my top choice for anyone who is willing to subscribe to a paid service. Large selection, very user friendly, high quality content, and by far the least expensive of all the paid options.

Farnam Street : A blog by Shane parrish with excerpts from various books. This isn't really a book summary site, but I would assume the goal of most book summary readers is to learn the insights from various books as efficiently as possible. Farnam Street is one of the best ways to do just that. See below for details on 17 different book summary sites, so you can decide which one works best for your needs. Each one has its own pros and cons, varying in price, number of summaries available, summary length and detail, summary format (written/audio/video and. Details other Options (Free, paid, and Related).

Trust and friendship develop between Amari and Polly, a white indentured servant, and when their mistress gives birth to a black baby, the teens try to cover up Mrs. Derby's brutal fury spurs them to escape toward the rumored freedom of Fort Mose, a spanish colony in Florida. Although the narrative focuses alternately on Amari and Polly, the story is primarily Amari's, and her pain, hope, and determination are acute. Cruel white stereotypes abound except for the plantation's mistress, whose love is colorblind; the doctor who provides the ruse for the girls' escape; and the Irish woman who gives the fugitives a horse and wagon. As readers embrace Amari and Polly, they will better understand the impact of human exploitation and suffering throughout history. In addition, they will gain a deeper knowledge of slavery, indentured servitude, and 18th-century sanctuaries for runaway slaves.

starred review in the february 1, 2006 issue of booklist. Draper, best known for her contemporary African American characters, Draper's latest novel is a searing work of historical fiction that imagines a fifteen-year-old African girl's journey through American slavery. The story begins in Amari's Ashanti village, but the idyllic scene explodes in bloodshed when slavers arrive and murder her family. Amari and her beloved, besa, are shackled, and so begins the account of impossible horrors from the slave fort, the middle passage, and auction on American shores, where a rice plantation owner buys Amari for his 16-year-old son's sexual enjoyment. In brutal specifics, Draper shows the inhumanity: Amari is systematically raped on the slave ship and on the plantation; a slave child is used as alligator bait by white teenagers. And she adds to the complex history in alternating chapters that flip between Amari and Polly, an indentured white servant on Amari's plantation. A few plot elements, such as Amari's chance meeting with Besa are contrived.

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Copper sun by Sharon. Draper (Atheneum; isbn: ; ghostwriter January 2006). This action-packed, multifaceted, character-rich story describes the shocking realities of the slave trade and plantation life while portraying mothers the perseverance, resourcefulness, and triumph of the human spirit. Amari is a 15-year-old Ashanti girl who is happily anticipating her marriage to besa. Then, slavers arrive in her village, slaughter her family, and shatter her world. Shackled, frightened, and despondent, she is led to the cape coast where she is branded and forced onto a 'boat of death' for the infamous Middle passage to the carolinas. There, percival Derby buys her as a gift for his son's 16th birthday.

who book summary

Amari, summoned to Clay's bedroom twice a week, is excused from working in the plantation's rice paddies. When another sexual treachery blows up violently, the ensuing chaos provides Polly and Amari a cover for escape. Once again, Draper's research is put to good storytelling use. Told to run south, the girls flee toward Florida's Fort Mose (pronounced mo-zay a settlement of freed slaves. This journey becomes one of optimism and hope, a contrast to the ocean voyage of despair. Draper - voted the 1997 national teacher of the year and a frequent classroom presenter to teenagers letter throughout Ohio - knows her audience. The fast pace and truly horrifying scenes of "Copper Sun" will have adolescent readers quickly turning pages. Their reward is a riveting tale. starred review- january 1, 2006 issue of school library journal.

fire." Bodies are dumped overboard. Sailors prey on healthier girls, abducting them for nightly rape. Below the decks, the stench of feces and vomit forces the white sailors to cover their mouths with rags. Not fully comprehending the language, amari is unclear why she is being sold at auction in the carolinas. Readers will be outraged by the degradation she endures as a 16th-birthday present for Clay derby. The story shifts tone, viewpoint and setting after the auction. Polly, a white indentured servant, is also purchased by Clay's father. Self-reliant and outspoken, 16-year-old Polly hates the slaves but realizes their only difference from her is skin color. Draper skillfully alternates narrators so that Polly and Amari provide two perspectives of the derby plantation.

The horror begins quickly. Infiltrated by slave dealers, Amari's village is destroyed and survivors are chained together by iron neck bands and marched to the sea. Advised to find something of beauty in any hostile place, amari gazes at a copper-colored sunset, realizing the same sun shone on her beloved, decimated village. As Amari arrives at Cape coast, an infamous slave-holding prison, Draper's extensive research becomes evident. The stench of urine, the groans of captives and the pain of skin scrapped away by irons put the reader inside these terrible cells. When the slaves finally emerge and step into being brilliant sunlight, they are placed into small boats. The depleted ranks of Africans are rowed to a slave ship and enter a new hell. The barbaric passage across the Atlantic from Africa contains some of the more intense writing found in recent young-adult literature. "Copper Sun" includes the emotionally devastating deaths of characters the readers have come to know and might be too much for readers younger than.

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Book reading 1, book reading 2, book reading. Book reading 4, reviews: Harsh life of slave girl a riveting tale. Friday, december 30, 2005, rollie welch, special to The Plain dealer (Cleveland, Ohio). Cleveland native sharon Draper, award-winning author and graduate of the old adds John Adams High School, switches literary styles in "Copper Sun." Following her hugely successful string of modern-reality, young-adult fiction, Draper offers a historical novel featuring iron shackles, the middle passage and runaway slaves. Draper isn't after a history lesson. Instead, she brings emotional life to the appalling details of forced servitude. From the opening pages, readers become engrossed with the heartbreaking journey of Amari, a 15-year-old African girl captured and enslaved in 1738.

who book summary
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Heres my book summary and review. Its a short read of 90 pages so itll be easy to summarize the important points.

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